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Info-metrics 2014 Fall Conference Videos

Info-Metrics Fall 2014 Conference Video: Recent Innovations in Info-Metrics

Playlist above includes the following speakers:

Conference Day 1 Speakers (all)

Conference Day 2 Speakers:

Alexis Akira Toda (Economics, UC San Diego), Error estimate and convergence analysis of moment-preserving discrete approximations of continuous distributions

Daniela Scida (Economics, Brown), Causality and Markovianity: information theoretic measures

David Wolpert (Santa Fe Institute) The information geometry underlying noncooperative game theory

Duncan Foley (Economics, New School for Social Research and Santa Fe Inst.), An ensemble approach to theory choice

Hwan-sik Choi (Economics, Binghamton U.), Information theory for maximum likelihood estimation of diffusion models

John Harte (Environmental Science, UC Berkeley), Maximum entropy and the inference of pattern, process, and dynamics in Ecology

Kenric Nelson (Raytheon Integrated Defense System), Reduced perplexity: uncertainty measures without entropy

Michael Lachmann (Evolutionary Anthropology, Max Planck Inst and Santa Fe Inst.), A value for information in Biology