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Info-Metrics Institute | Conference, Fall 2014

Recent Innovations in Info-Metrics

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Conference Objectives

The overall objective of this two-day conference is to continue the study of the foundations of info-metrics and information processing across the sciences. This is our fifth year anniversary conference.

In that conference we will continue the exploration into the basics of info-Metrics, information-theoretic inference and their mathematical and philosophical foundations. A special emphasis will be on the interconnection of inferential and philosophical problems and solutions across the disciplines.

The conference will consist of Invited Talks, Invited Sessions and submitted papers.


Conference Topics

In this conference we will focus on all the topics within info-metrics that we studied in the last five years. This includes, but not limited to:

  1. Information-Theoretic methods of inference
  2. Info-metrics across the sciences and engineering
  3. Philosophy and value of information and info-metric
  4. Information processing and nonparametric inference
  5. Networks and information across the sciences
  6. Complexity and information
  7. Large or sparse data and information
  8. Recent advancements in information theory and inference
  9. System information across sciences.


A special volume of that conference will be published. All conference papers may be submitted following the conference. All papers will be subject to the usual review process. Presentation at the conference does not imply acceptance for publication.

We encourage all presenters to submit their paper to Amos Golan at agolan@american.edu and Aman Ullah at aman.ullah@ucr.edu with copies to damaris.carlos@ucr.edu and info-metrics@american.edu with subject line "Submission for Info-Metrics Publication." After the conference the authors of selected papers would submit their papers by January 30, 2015. The review process will complete by August 30, 2015.

Program Committee

Luciano Floridi (Oxford)

Jeff Racine (McMaster University)

Richard Smith (U. Cambridge)

Aman Ullah (UC Riverside and Info-Metrics), Chair

David Wolpert (Santa Fe Inst.)


Confirmed Speakers (Partial List)

Pieter Adriaans (U Amsterdam)

Ariel Caticha (SUNY Albany)

Min Chen (Oxford)

Bryan Daniels (U Wisconsin Madison)

Koen Decancq (Universiteit Antwerpen

Michael Dunn (Indiana-Bloomington)

Luciano Floridi (Oxford)

Duncan Foley (New School for Social Research)

John Geweke (University of Technology Sydney)

John Harte (Berkeley)

Nathan Harshman (American U)

Yuichi Kitamura (Yale)

Kajal Lahiri (U Albany)

Essie Maasoumi (Emory)

Ilya Nemenman (Emory)

Werner Ploberger (Washington U-St. Louis)

Jeff Racine (McMaster University)

Eric Renault (Brown)

David Schwab (Princeton U)

Richard Smith (Cambridge)

Ehsan Soofi (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee)

Michael Stutzer (CU Boulder)

Wojciech Szpankowski (Purdue)

Alexis Akira Toda (UCSD)

David Wolpert (Santa Fe Inst.)

Ximing Wu (Texas A & M)

Victor Yakovenko (U Maryland)

Open Submissions

The conference organizers encourage submissions of papers on any topic within this overall theme with a particular emphasis on the list below. 

The conference organizers encourage submissions of papers on any topic within this overall theme, with a particular emphasis on the list below. Within the list of topics of interest, papers combining the tools of information theory or other approaches for inverse problems are of particular interest.

Please submit papers to info-metrics@american.edu with subject line “Submission Fall 2014.” Submission should include a very detailed abstract-summary or preferably a draft paper. Published papers will not be accepted. 

Submission Deadline: Friday, May 30, 2014.