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Info-Metrics Institute | Conference Proceedings, November 2013

Proceedings: Information, Instability and Fragility in Networks: Methods and Applications


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Amos Golan(American U), Michael Stutzer (U Colorado Boulder)


Financial Networks Session I

Chair: Robin Lumsdaine (American U)

1. Camelia Minoiu (International Monetary Fund)

“Crisis Transmission in the Global Banking Network” presentation

2. Andreea Minca (Cornell U)

“Systemic Risk with Central Counterparty Clearing”


Financial Networks Session II    

Chair: Jeffrey Racine (McMaster U)

1. Charlie Brummitt (UC Davis)

“Inside Money and Procyclical Leverage in a Simple Model of a Banking Crisis”

2. Michael Gofman (Wisconsin)

“Efficiency and Stability of a Financial Architecture with Too Interconnected to Fail Institutions” presentation


Lunch with Keynote Address: Ed Ott (Maryland)

"The Influence of Network Topology on Stability of Discrete State Systems" presentation

Science and Engineering Session I

Chair: David Wolpert (Santa Fe Inst.)

1. Juan Restrepo (U Colorado Boulder)

“Effect of network structure on the propagation of avalanches in networks” presentation

2. Hongdian Yang (Johns Hopkins U)

“Studying information processing in neuronal networks with statistical mechanics and information theoretic approaches” presentation


Science and Engineering Session II

Chair: Wojciech Szpankowski (Purdue U)

1. Aaron Clauset (U Colorado Boulder)

“A network approach to analyzing highly recombinant malaria parasite genes”

2. Ian Dobson (Iowa State U)

“Quantifying outage propagation and cascading in electric power networks” presentation


Round Table – Info-Metrics: Networks across the Sciences – Further Explorations

Moderator: Robin Lumsdaine (American U)

Raphael Levine (Hebrew U and UCLA)

Eric Renault (Brown U) presentation

Michael Stutzer (U Colorado Boulder)

Wojciech Szpankowski (Purdue U)

David Wolpert (Santa Fe Inst.)