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Michael Dunn: "Logic, Information, and Computation"

First hour of a two-hour presentation/discussion given Oct. 9, 2013, in the Info-Metrics Seminar Series by Michael Dunn, School of Informatics and Computing, and Dept. of Philosophy, Indiana University Bloomington

Abstract: The development of the concept of information is traced from Plato to the Port-Royal Logic, on through Mill, Boole, Frege, Carnap, Bar-Hillel, Montague, Kripke, Shannon, and I relate it to algebraic representations of Stone, Priestley, myself, and others. I finish by introducing the concept of an information frame, generalizing the Routley-Meyer ternary frame semantics for relevance logic, and show how it can be employed to model the static and dynamic aspects of information (information as data, information as program) and hence model combinatory logic, relation algebras, and some other logics of interest to computer science. The talk is an updated version of my paper "The Concept of Information and the Development of Modern Logic," in Non-classical Approaches in the Transition from Traditional to Modern Logic, ed. W. Stelzner, de Gruyter, 2001.

2013 Spring Workshop Video Highlights