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Info-Metrics Institute | Conference, Fall 2013

Information, Instability and Fragility in Networks: Methods and Applications

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Conference Summary (produced by Michael Stutzer, Conference Chair)

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Review November 2013 Conference Proceedings, including the presenters' materials.


Conference Objectives

The one day conference is organized jointly by the Info-Metrics Institute, American University and the University of Colorado, Boulder.

The recent financial crisis raised the specter of cascading disruptions across financial institutions, due to their growing interconnectedness and the speed at which disruptions may propagate across them.

Quantitative "Connectionist" research in the physical sciences, engineering and information theory has modeled analogous phenomena, using techniques that are less familiar to economists, financial researchers and regulators and social scientists in general.

This conference will bring the seemingly disparate researchers together, in order to share ideas and jump start future collaborations. 

Early researchers coped with the limited micro-level data about large networks by adopting information-theoretic estimation techniques (e.g. the maximum entropy method).
The conference is especially interested in papers employing information-theoretic, Bayesian techniques for additional purposes.

The conference organizers encourage submissions of papers on any topic within this overall theme, with a particular emphasis on the list below. Within the list of topics of interest, papers combining the tools of information theory or other approaches for inverse problems are of particular interest.

Conference Topics

  • Characterization and estimation of interdependencies in financial, natural or engineered systems

  • Prediction and control of disruption cascades (e.g. propagation of defaults, failures or epidemics) in financial, natural, or engineered Systems

  • Analysis of factors and empirical findings concerning network stability in the face of shocks.


Program Committee

Robin Lumsdaine (American U.)
Michael J. Stutzer (Chair; U. Colorado-Boulder)
Juan Restrepo (U. Colorado-Boulder)

Invited Speakers


Karnik Anand (Bank of Canada) web page
Charlie Brummit (UC Davis) web page
Ian Dobson (Iowa State) web page
Andreea Minca (Cornell) web page
Camelia Minoiu (International Monetary Fund) web page
Edward Ott (Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics) web page
Juan Restrepo (Colorado) web page
Hongdian Yang (Johns Hopkins U) web page


Raphael Levine (The Hebrew U and UCLA) web page
Robin Lumsdaine (American U) web page
Eric Renault (Brown) web page
Wojciech Szpankowski (Purdue) web page
David Wolpert (Santa Fe Institute) web page

For more information contact Professor Michael Stutzer at or the Info-Metrics email above.

November 15*, 2013 (*note the revised date)
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Conference venue: Hotel Boulderado

Travel Information
Airport: Denver International Airport
Hotel: Hotel Boulderado
Transportation: Reservations for shuttle service to/from Denver International Airport can be made in advance via SuperShuttle

Event Announcement poster


US Comptroller of the Currency
AU College of Arts & Sciences
XacBank - Mongolia


Submission & Registration

Please submit papers to with subject line “Submission Networks.” Submission should include a very detailed abstract-summary or preferably a draft paper. Published papers will not be accepted. Submission Deadline: Friday, May 31, 2013.

Online Registration:
Now open through November 8.