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Recent Publications

Mary E. Hansen (with Bradley Hansen), “The Evolution of Garnishment and Wage Assignment Law in Illinois, 1880-1930.” Essays in Economic & Business History, May 2014.

Martha A. Starr, "Gender, added-worker effects, and the 2007–2009 recession: Looking within the household," Review of Economics of the Household, Forthcoming 2014.

Martha A. Starr, "Qualitative and mixed-methods research in economics: Surprising growth, promising future," Journal of Economic Surveys, Forthcoming 2014.

Husted, Thomas (with David Nickerson), “Political Economy of Presidential Disaster Declarations and Federal Disaster Assistance,” Public Finance Review, January 2014.

Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou (with Martin Cihak, Asli Demirguc, and Maria Soledad Martinez Peria), "Bank Regulation and Supervision in the Context of the Global Financial Crisis," Journal of Financial Stability, December 2013.

Martha A. Starr (with Forrest McCluer), "Using Difference in Differences to Estimate Damages in Healthcare Antitrust: A Case Study of Marshfield Clinic," International Journal of the Economics of Business, November 2013.

Boris Gershman, “Envy in the Process of Development: Implications for Social Relations and Con?ict,” Economics of Peace and Security Journal, October 2013.

Robert M. Feinberg “Multimarket contact and export entry," Economics Letters, October 2013.

Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou, "Labor Markets and Mental Wellbeing: Labor Market Conditions and Suicides in the United States (1979-2004)," The Journal of Socio-Economics, August 2013.

Robert M. Feinberg, “Antidumping and Industrial Organization," Review of Industrial Organization, June 2013.

Kara M. Reynolds (with Benjamin Liebman) "Innovation Through Protection: Does Safeguard Protection Increase Investment in Research and Development?" Southern Economic Journal, July 2013.

Kara M. Reynolds "Under the Cover of Antidumping: Does Administered Protection Facilitate Domestic Collusion?" Review of Industrial Organization, June 2013.

Xuguang Sheng, "Truncated Product Methods for Panel Unit Root Tests," Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, August 2013.

Paul Winters (with Ryan Boone, Katia Covarrubias, Benjamin Davis) “Cash transfer programs and agricultural production: The Case of Malawi,” Agricultural Economics, May 2013.


AU Economists in the News

The Wall Street Journal (4/27/14), "Apprenticeships Help Close the Skills Gap. So Why Are They in Decline?"

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (4/21/2014), "Canada's Apprenticeship Problem" (starts at the 14 minute mark)

The Atlantic (2/26/14), "How Schools Can Give Men the Skills They Need to Be Good Dads"

The Baltimore Sun (2/17/14), "Baltimore's Breadwinners Need Jobs"

MSNBC (2/02/14), "The Benefits of Apprenticeships"

The Economist (1/04/14), "NAFTA at 20: Ready to Take Off Again?"

The New York Times (11/30/13), "Where Factory Apprenticeship Is Latest Model From Germany"

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Info-Metrics Newsletter

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Global Majority E-journal

Global Majority E-journal

New issue features Kerry Milazzo on Uganda’s gender divide, Nathan Strauss on how the lack of access to clean affects the education sector in Nicaragua, Yeomin Ryu on exploited children in El Salvador, and Michael Bible on the impacts of Cote D’ Ivoire’s urbanization. The Global Majority E-Journal publishes student articles discussing critical issues for the lives of the global majority: the more than 80 percent of the world’s population living in developing countries.

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