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Economics | Plan BA/MA

In the BA/MA program, you will rev up your skills in economic logic and statistical methods, so you will be able to start your career ahead of the competition.

Plan for Required Courses, BA/MA

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
ECON-100 ECON-500 ECON-523 ECON-480 (recommended, fall only) or 5xx
ECON-200 ECON-501 ECON-3xx or 5xx ECON-524
STAT-202 (Basic Statistics) ECON-3xx ECON-3xx or 5xx ECON-3xx or 5xx
MATH-211 or 221 (required for MA admittance) ECON-3xx ECON-3xx or 5xx ECON-3xx or 5xx

If you decided to pursue the BA/MA after you took the intermediate theory sequence (ECON 300-and ECON-301), take the sequence of Calculus - ECON-500 - ECON-501 as soon as possible, concurrent with some ECON-3xx classes. Then take ECON-505, ECON-522 and ECON-523, followed by ECON-480. You can take some of your other 15 credits of ECON-5xx electives concurrently with ECON-522 and ECON-523.

The complete list of requirements for the BA/MA is here.