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Economics | University Honors

Level I

There is no minimum on 100-200-level Honors classes; both ECON-100 and ECON-200 may be taken for Honors credit.


Level II

A combination of any three ECON 3xx courses with Honors supplements. ECON 5xx courses may be subsituted with permission of the Honors Coordinator.


Level III

The Honors Capstone should be written (or at least started!) in ECON 480 (Senior Research Seminar), taken with an Honors supplement. Note that ECON 480 is usually offered only in the fall semester.


Grades of “Incomplete” in Econ-480 are discouraged. However, a student completing ECON-480 with a grade of B or better, and who wishes to continue working on a particulary compelling project, may petition the Honors Coordinator for an extension of the project into a second semester as an Independent Study (ECON-490) with an Honors supplement.

Under exceptional circumstances, an Honors student may petition the Honors Coordinator to write the Capstone as an ECON-490 Independent Study in Economics. The word “Honors” should appear in the second line of the title on the course registration form. ECON-490 projects must be supervised by a faculty member in the Economics Department.

Only three credits of independent work (ECON-490), the Honors Capstone, may be counted towards the Economics major.