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Economics | Job Market Candidates

2016-17 Job Market Candidates

Placement Director: Dr. Maria Floro (202-885-3139,


Jess Chen

Dissertation: "Local Spillovers in Bankruptcy"
Advisors: Mary Hansen, Boris Gershman, Monica Jackson
Research fields: Labor Economics, spatial economics, urban economics
Teaching fields: Microeconomics, macroeconomics, statistics, spatial statistics
Relevant professional experience: Visiting Assistant Professor/ Faculty Fellow, University of Redlands; Research Fellow, International Economic Development Council; Statistical and Software Consultant, American University; Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant, American University Department of Economics
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Genevre Covindassamy

Dissertation: "The Impact of Large-Scale Asset Purchases on Stock Prices, Credit Markets and Banks' Balance Sheets"
Advisors: Gabriel Mathy, John Willoughby, Robert Blecker
Research fields: Macroeconomics, Business Finance
Relevant professional experience: Research Assistant in Market Risk Analysis Division of OCC, Research Assistant for the International Monetary Policy Division of the US Treasury Department, Research Assistant for the US International Trade Commission

Matthew Davis

Dissertation: "The Political Economy of Natural Disasters, Bankruptcy, and Federal Disaster Aid"
Advisors: Mary Hansen, Thomas Husted, Jeremiah Dittmar
Research fields: Applied microeconomics, public economics, economic history, economics of disasters
Teaching fields: Microeconomics, economic history, new institutional economics, game theory, gender economics, political economy
Relevant professional experience: Instructor, American University; Instructor, University of Mary Washington; Survey Statistician, US Census Bureau
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Megan Fasules

Dissertation: "The Impact of Medicare on Personal Bankruptcy"
Advisors: Mary Hansen (chair), Thomas Husted, Kara Reynolds
Research fields: applied microeconomics, health economics, labor economics, economic history
Teaching fields: applied microeconomics, health economics, labor economics, economic history
Relevant professional experience: Research economist at Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce; Research Assistant for Mary Hansen, American University Department of Economics
Link to website:


Chang He

Dissertation: "Three Essays on Female Labor Force and Intra-household Labor Division"
Advisors: Maria Floro, Mieke Meurs, Ozge Ozay
Research fields: Gender Economics, Development Economics, time use analysis
Relevant Professional Experience: Short term consultant in Gender Cross Cutting Solution Area Team, World Bank; Research intern in AIR Assessment, American Institute for Research
Link to Website:


Jelena Kmezic

Dissertation: "Cost of Providing Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV Prevention: Calibration of and Agent Based Model for Sub-Saharan Africa"
Advisors: Alan G. Isaac, Larry Sawers, Paul Winters
Research fields: Agent based modeling, monetary policy, computational macroeconomics, econometrics
Teaching fields: Macroecnomics, monetary policy, econometrics
Relevant professional experience: Instructor, American University; Consultant, World Bank; Research Assistant, International Monetary Fund
Link to website:


Abhilasha Srivastava

Dissertation: "Three Essays on Gender and Social Norms in India"
Advisors: Maria Floro (chair), John Willoughby, Mieke Meurs, Alan Isaac
Research fields: Feminist economics, development economics, institutional economics, social economics, political economy
Teaching fields: Feminist economics, development economics, economics of race, class and gender, microeconomics, political economics
Relevant professional experience: Instructor, American University


Matthew Van den berg
Dissertation: "Redistribution Through Power, Higher Education, and the Commodification of Opportunity"
Advisors: John Willoughby, Mary Hansen, Jon Wisman, Thomas Husted
Research fields: Public economics, distributional effects of institutional evolution
Teaching fields: Macroeconomics, microeconomics, public and urban economics, U.S. economics history, history of economic thought, heterodox economics theory
Relevant professional experience: Adjunct Instructor: American University, University of Nevada-Reno, Sierra Nevada College; Economist: State of Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation; Economic Research Analyst: Nevada Small Business Development Center
Link to website:


Dongping Xie

Dissertation: "Three Essays on Monetary Policy Transmission and Financial Crises"
Advisors: Alan Isaac (chair), Mary Hansen, Martha Starr
Research fields: Monetary Economics, Financial Economics, Applied Econometrics, International Finance
Teaching fields: Money and banking, monetary economics, Finance, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Econometrics
Relevant professional experience: Instructor (Intermediate Macro, Fall 2015, Principles Macro, Spring 2016-Fall 2016), American University.
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