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Economics | Plan Your BS

The BS in Economics is a skills-oriented degree.

Plan for Required Courses, BS

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
ECON-100 ECON-300 or 500 ECON-xxx ECON-480 (fall only)
ECON-200 ECON-301 or 501 ECON-3xx ECON-3xx
MATH-211 or 221 (Calculus) or Calc II or ECON-505 STAT-202 (Basic Statistics) ECON-3xx ECON-3xx
ACCT-240 or CSC-280 ECON-322    

If you have AP or transfer credit for MATH-221 (Calc I), take MATH-222 (Calc II) or ECON-505. While it is possible to avoid Calc II or ECON-505 by taking both ACCT-240 and CSC-280, it’s not a wise course of action.

Calculus is not required for ECON-300 or ECON-301, but it is helpful. Calculus is required for ECON-500 and 501. If you take ECON-500 and 501, you may take 5xx elective courses. Advanced undergraduates who performed well in ECON-300 and 301 may petition the instructor for admittance into a 5xx elective.

Your life will be easier (and your grades will likely be better) if you take STAT-202 and ECON-322 in back-to-back semesters.

What if you decide on the BS in Economics a little late and this plan won’t work exactly? Take the economic theory sequence (Calculus-ECON-300/500-ECON-301/501) in as quickly as possible. Concurrently, take the tools sequence of Statistics-ECON-322-ECON-480. Get these courses in ASAP. Fit in ACCT-240 or CSC-280 whenever you can; sequence is not important for these courses.

Note that ECON-480 (Senior Research Seminar) is usually offered only in the fall; independent study to replace it is strongly discouraged. It is fine to take field courses at the same time, and after, ECON-480.

The complete list of requirements for the BS is here.