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School of Education
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Garcia, Jacqueline E
Senior Administrative Assistant

School of Education
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Bilingual Education Program Welcome Message

Bilingual Education Program Director, Amelia Tseng

Amelia Tseng

Kenji Hakuta writes that “languages leave their own imprints on the linguistic, psychological and social experiences of the bilingual.” Inevitably, the education of bilingual learners must contemplate these imprints unique to each bilingual’s experience to successfully build upon the linguistic capital available in our communities. Bilingual education advances cross-cultural understanding and for this and many other benefits, the field is dynamically growing both domestically and abroad.   

If the development and education of bilingual learners capture your imagination, you may be interested in our graduate programs in bilingual education at American University. This program is an exceptional collaboration between the School of Education and the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Program, which values multilingual and multicultural competence as well as equity in education. The program consists of three tracks: master’s in teaching (K-12), international training and education, and TESOL. The Bilingual Education Program counts on dedicated faculty and students who work together to advance the field of bilingual education with the following goals both domestically and abroad:

  1. The continued professionalization and strengthening of bilingual education practitioners;
  2. The promotion of bilingual education programs; and
  3. The development of bilingual education policy researchers and teacher trainers.

We welcome phone and e-mail inquiries about our program and invite you to visit American University to experience first-hand what we do in our Bilingual Education Program. Our home in Washington, DC, offers extraordinary cultural and education experiences that will undoubtedly enrich your academic preparation. Thank you for your interest in our program and we look forward to meeting you and talking about our shared goals in the advancement of bilingual education.        

Amelia Tseng




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