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Institute | Collaborative for Urban Education, Research, and Development

Every year, the School of Teaching, Education, and Health (SETH) delivers innovative programs designed to prepare and support the development of a local and global corps of effective teaching practitioners.  One of the tenets of this education covenant is an unyielding focus on preparing teachers that support equity and access, for all students, to high quality public education.  The commitment to teaching, learning, health and well-being, and development is a critical lever in addressing the inequities in education.  This is in keeping with the spirit of American University’s mandate to reflect and value diversity, and epitomize the scholar-teacher ideal while strengthening the commitment to social responsibility and service.

In today’s complex world, a 21st century education requires developing the abilities of citizens who live in a creative and diverse global society.  We know that many of the nation’s public school systems continue to struggle in their efforts to implement and sustain reform. Recently, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development reported that American high school students rank 23 out of 33 developed nations in reading, math and science proficiency. Although effective teachers and principals, and smart school districts are all central to student success,  there is growing acknowledgement that public schools, by themselves, lack the capacity to address a range of critical issues that influence learning and development. Nevertheless, the current crisis demands the re-imagining of urban education, and the development and implementation of concrete solutions. 

The Collaborative for Urban Education, Research and Development (Collaborative) is a university-wide initiative that provides a framework for the development of programs and projects that advance the study and understanding of urban education through research, teaching, and development.  At the core of the Collaborative’s work, is the creation of a forum for the analysis of a wide range of multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural approaches.  We actively seek opportunities to work with a diversity of stakeholders to critically examine local, national, and global approaches that address the social, political, cultural, economic, and civic structures that impact educational access and equity.

Our Mission:
The mission of the Collaborative for Urban Education, Research, and
Development (Collaborative) is to create a framework to investigate
critical issues, disseminate the findings to a broad audience, and
engage members of the education community and the broader community in discourse and further study around research that informs and improves policy and practice

Our Vision:
We believe that linking research to the needs of schools, school systems, and community constituencies is the most effective way to promote and support student achievement and development.

What We Do:
The Collaborative for Urban Education, Research, and Development (Collaborative) provides a framework and intellectual home for initiatives that advance our understanding of all sectors of the urban education landscape through research, collaboration, and development.

Our work is centered around three areas:

Engaging local and national scholars to conduct and promote research focused on a wide range of educational challenges affecting urban communities.

Building networks of collaborative partnerships to support teaching,
learning, and leadership.

Creating a space for the civil and thoughtful exchange of a diversity
of ideas and perspectives.