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SETH | Sponsored Research and Professional Development

Research and Professional Development Programs

The United States Postal Service Health Promotion Program funds AU’s National Center for Health and Fitness for managing USPS’s Employee Health Promotion Program at its Washington, D.C., headquarters for some 2,500 employees.

Recent Projects

Theory into Practice: Enhancing the Teaching of the Visual Arts in District of Columbia Public Schools assisted visual arts teachers in the theory and practice of their own art and taught them instructional strategies for enlivening student learning about art.

Shared Goals examined elements of professional development  for teachers at each level of the NCATE Continuum of Teacher Preparation and  Development. Its funding enabled the school to develop a new electronic  portfolio system for all teacher education students.

Strengthening the Teaching of American History provided American history educators from the District and around the country with strategies for improving student understanding and appreciation of traditional American history.

If you have any questions regarding any of these programs, please contact:

Danielle G. Sodani
Special Projects Coordinator
American University School of Education
tel. 202-885-3744