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NCATE/CAEP | Overview & Conceptual Framework


Julie Sara Boyd
NCATE Coordinator

Jackie Garcia
Logistics Coordinator & Support

I. Overview and Conceptual Framework

I.1Summarize the institution's mission, historical context, and unique characteristics (e.g., land grant, HBCU or religious).

I.2 - Summarize the professional education unit at your institution, its mission, and its relationship to other units at the institution that are involved in the preparation of professional educators.

I.3 - Summarize programs offered at initial and advanced preparation levels (including off-campus, distance learning, and alternate route programs), status of state approval, national recognition, and if applicable, findings of other national accreditation associations related to the preparation of education professionals.

I.4 - Summarize the basic tenets of the conceptual framework, institutional standards, and candidate proficiencies related to expected knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions.

I.5 - Exhibits


Addendum: Areas of concern related to continuing to meet the standard

Addendum: Evidence for the BOE Team to validate during the onsite visit

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