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NCATE/CAEP | Unit Standard


Julie Sara Boyd
NCATE Coordinator

Jackie Garcia
Logistics Coordinator & Support


School of Education
Spring Valley, Room 4th Floor

Garcia, Jacqueline E
Senior Administrative Assistant

School of Education
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

NCATE Standard 4: Diversity

The unit designs, implements, and evaluates curriculum and provides experiences for candidates to acquire and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Assessments indicate that candidates can demonstrate and apply proficiencies related to diversity. Experiences provided for candidates include working with diverse populations, including higher education and P-12 school faculty;candidates;and students in P-12 schools.

4.1 Diversity

4.2 Moving Toward Target or Continuous Improvement

4.3. Areas for Improvement Cited in the Action Report from the Previous Accreditation Review

  • N/A

4.4 Exhibits for Standard 4

  • 4.4.a - Aggregate data on proficiencies related to diversity that candidates are expected to demonstrate through working with students from diverse groups in classrooms and schools, including impact on student learning

Addendum: Areas of concern related to continuing to meet the standard

  • N/A

Addendum: Evidence for the BOE Team to validate during the onsite visit

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