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NCATE/CAEP | Unit Standard


Julie Sara Boyd
NCATE Coordinator

Jackie Garcia
Logistics Coordinator & Support

NCATE Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

Faculty are qualified and model best professional practices in scholarship, service, and teaching, including the assessment of their own effectiveness as related to candidate performance;they also collaborate with colleagues in the disciplines and schools. The unit systematically evaluates faculty performance and facilitates professional development.

5.1 Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development

5.2 Moving Toward Target or Continuous Improvement

5.3 Areas for Improvement Cited in the Action Report from the Previous Accreditation Review

  • N/A

5.4 Exhibits for Standard 5

Addendum: Areas of concern related to continuing to meet the standard

Addendum: Evidence for the BOE Team to validate during the onsite visit

Requests on Site:

  • Additional Examples of Faculty Evaluations (3-1-2015): Provided On-Site