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NCATE/CAEP | Timeline


Julie Sara Boyd
NCATE Coordinator

Jackie Garcia
Logistics Coordinator & Support


School of Education
Spring Valley, Room 4th Floor

Garcia, Jacqueline E
Senior Administrative Assistant

School of Education
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

NCATE Calendar

Date Visit Items
SOE submits SPA Reports and Response to Conditions Reports.
July 2014 SOE submits Institution Report for Board of Examiners (BOE) review. This 42-page report summarizes our work toward the NCATE standards and is supported by 127 exhibits that support the report.
August 2014 SOE publishes an announcement of the upcoming visit to invite third-party testimony. Those invited include faculty, alumni and community stakeholders (i.e., principals, district leadership, parents).
November 2014 The BOE offsite team provides a review of the Institution Report, exhibits, and annual reports. The BOE offsite team provides the report to SETH on areas of concern to be addressed before the onsite visit.
January 2015 SETH submits Institution Report Addendum for review based on the above review.
January — February 2015 The BOE Chair and State Chair conduct the previsit with members from SETH.
March 1–3, 2015 BOE and State team conduct onsite visit to follow-up on areas of concern addressed in the office report and validate that standards are met. This visit will require most members of SETH and our P12 stakeholders to participate in interviews.
May 2015 NCATE notifies SETH of the onsite BOE report and final accreditation recommendation.