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Education Policy and Leadership | Current Students

Tammy Whyte

Tammy Whyte Ed Policy

EPL Program Track: Teacher Leadership: Literacy

Current Position: Instructional Coach, Luke C. Moore High School

Undergraduate Degree: University of Michigan, BS in Movement Science

Past Experience: Program Coordinator, Eliot-Hine Middle School; Staffing Coordinator, DC Public Schools; Network Coordinator, Teach Plus; Training Specialist/Program Manager, City Year DC; 7th grade science teacher, Githens Middle School and Henderson Middle School 

What are you learning from the program?

I was attracted to the program for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is a great choice for a working educational professional who wants to stay in DC. Secondly, since it's a partner program, I knew I would be with other passionate education professionals. Lastly, the straightforward nature of the program and knowing I could complete my masters in four semesters from a highly-regarded institution was appealing. 

So far I am really enjoying the education leadership course. I like that my instructor is a highly-regarded leader in education and comes to class with real-world examples to discuss and learn from. Just having these discussions has led me to reflect on my own leadership and what I need to work on to move to the next level.

What skills and knowledge should a person in your field know?

The knowledge needed to be successful in education largely depends on what position you are interested in pursuing. An education researcher needs different knowledge than a teacher, for example. There are a lot of transferrable skills, however, that are important in education. Among them include great organization/time management, collaboration, good communication, ability to inspire, and data-driven analysis. Lastly, someone who wants to be successful in education needs to be committed to the cause and be hard-working.

Jane Vicens

Jane Vincens

EPL Program Track: Policy Studies

Current Position: Bilingual Teacher, Oyster Adams Elementary School

Undergraduate Degree: University of Florida, Latin American Studies and Francophone Studies

Past Experience: AmeriCorps Member, Literacy, ESOL Coordinator

What are you learning from the program?

I decided DC was the ideal city to study education, and especially bilingual education because much of the leading research is conducted here. The opportunities in DC combined with the education policy aspect of the Education Policy and Leadership Program drew me to American University. I hope the resources in DC and my program experience will launch my career in professional development, specifically focusing on bilingual policy.

So far, I think the most valuable takeaways from the program are learning how to advocate for teachers and for students; understanding and inputting data as it relates to research, program development, and effective policy implementation; and learning how to be a conscious leader and implement different leadership styles.

What skills and knowledge should a person in your field know?

To be an effective educator, it is important to be able to understand and discuss education policy. Being able to understand policy is one of the key concepts in advocating for yourself, your school, and your students.