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Teresa Larkin
Program Director, Dual-Degree Program

Course Requirements

The engineering program at Columbia University has basic requirements for foundation courses required of all majors. These foundation courses are outlined in the Combined Plan Curriculum Guide. This document also highlights the area-specific requirements that must be met in addition to the foundation-level course requirements.

Foundation courses include: 

  • The full sequence of Calculus I, II, and III (MATH-221, MATH-222, and MATH-313)
  • PHYS-110 Principles of Physics I
  • PHYS-210 Principles of Physics II
  • CHEM-110 General Chemistry I
  • CSC-280 Introduction to Computer Science I
  • Twenty-seven (27) non-technical credit hours. Please speak with your liaison in regards to which courses fulfill this requirement, as coursework taken for the bachelor's degree awarded by the home institution often fulfills this requirement. Among those courses students must include:

       ECON-100 Macroeconomics
       WRTG-100 College Writing

Additional requirements may apply depending on the student's intended area of study at Columbia University. A complete list of AU equivalent courses for all foundation-level and area-specific course requirements can be found in the AU Course Equivalents guide. Consult the program director for additional details and information.