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Environmental Science


  • Environmental Science
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    Beeghly, Room 104

    Farran, Arij B.
    Senior Administrative Assistant

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Minor in Environmental Science


  • A minimum of 22 credit hours with grades of C or better with at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor 

Course Requirements

  • CHEM-110 General Chemistry I (4) 
  • CHEM-210 General Chemistry I (4) 
  • ENVS-102 Seminar in Environmental Issues (1) 
  • ENVS-350 Environmental Geology (3)
  • ENVS-360 Environment and the Atmosphere (3)
  • ENVS-470 Water Resources (3) 
  • MATH-211 Applied Calculus I (4) or MATH-221 Calculus I (4) 
  • Students whose major requirements include CHEM-110, CHEM-210, and MATH-211/MATH-221 take an additional course as approved by the Environmental Studies coordinator