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  • Environmental Science
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MS in Environmental Science

Degree Requirements

  • 36 credit hours of approved graduate work, including 6 credit hours of ENVS-681, ENVS-690, and ENVS-691 in lieu of a thesis
    Students are required to take ENVS-681 during the spring semester of their final year; they write a paper based on an internship, research, or independent study and present the paper during a venue approved by the graduate advisor. 
  • One comprehensive examination; a maximum of two attempts is permitted. 

Course Requirements

Core (18 credit hours)

  • CSC-610 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3) 
  • ENVS-580 Environmental Science I (3) 
  • ENVS-581 Environmental Science II (3) 
  • ENVS-681 Environmental Practicum (3) and ENVS-690 Environmental Science Research (3) or ENVS-691 Internship (3) 
  • STAT-514 Statistical Methods (3) 

Electives (18 credit hours)

  • 18 credit hours chosen in consultation with the graduate advisor from each of the two clusters below. A statistics course (STAT-515, STAT-516, STAT-520, or STAT-524) may be substituted for one of the courses; other courses may be substituted with permission of the graduate advisor. 
  • 9 credit hours from the following environmental science courses: 
  • BIO-562 Field Methods (3) 
  • BIO/ENVS-596 Selected Topics: Nonrecurring (approved topics)
  • ENVS-500 Ecohydrology (3)
  • ENVS-520 Biogeochemistry (3) 
  • ENVS-572 Topics in Conservation Biology (3)
  • ENVS-575 Environmental Risk Assessment (3) 
  • ENVS-675 Water Resources (3) 
  • 9 credit hours from the following environmental policy/economics courses: 
  • ECON-579 Environmental Economics (3) 
  • ENVS-582 Environmental Law (3) 
  • PUAD-606 Foundations of Policy Analysis (3) 
  • SIS-620 Studies in Global Environmental Politics (3) (topics)
  • SIS-649 Environment and Development (3) 
  • SIS-660 Environment and Politics (3) 
  • SOCY-689 Environmental Sociology (3)