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Please see also: AU Faculty-Staff Search; for adjunct and emerita/emeritus faculty see specific program faculty listings.

Profiles of users whose last name starts with W

  1. Kathryn Walters-Conte, Director, Professional Sciences Masters in Biotechnology

    CAS - Biology

    Dr. Kathryn Walters-Conte is the Director of the Biotechnology Masters program as well as the Underg… More

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  2. Jing Wang, Lecturer

  3. Kenneth Ward, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - Math & Statistics

    Dr. Ward joined the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at AU in 2015. His current research int… More

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    (202) 885-3116

  4. Arvenita Washington, Lecturer

  5. Rachel Watkins, Associate Professor

    CAS - Anthropology

    My research focuses on the biological and social history of African Americans living in the 19th and… More

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    (202) 885-1663

  6. Margaret Weekes, Program Director for CAS LEAD

    CAS - Dean's Office

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    (202) 885-6383

  7. Lauren Weis, Director, WGSS

    CAS - Philosophy and Religion

    I joined the American University faculty in 2008, and have been teaching courses in the history of p… More

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    (202) 885-2926

  8. Lauren Wells, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - School of Education

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  9. Brenda Werth, Associate Professor

    CAS-World Lang and Cultures

    Brenda Werth's research interests include Latin American theatre, performance, documentary film, mem… More

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    (202) 885-1449

  10. Julie Wesp, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - Anthropology

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    (202) 885-1848

  11. Peter Whitney, Economist in Residence

    CAS - Economics

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    (202) 885-2573

  12. Marit Widman, Scholar in Residence

  13. Sybil Williams, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - Performing Arts

    Sybil R. Williams has spent the past twelve years cultivating her craft as a playwright and dramatur… More

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  14. Robert Williams, Fight Choreographer in Residence

    CAS - Performing Arts

    Robb Hunter (Williams) holds an MFA in Theatre Pedagogy from The Virginia Commonwealth University, a… More

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    (202) 885-3441

  15. Eileen Willingham, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - World Languages and Cultures

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  16. John Willoughby, Professor

    CAS - Economics

    Professor Willoughby has recently returned from a two-year stay in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates whe… More

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    (202) 885-3759

  17. Rebecca Wilner, Interim Program Administrator

    CAS - School of Education

    Rebecca joins the AU Faculty and Staff after serving as a Senior English Language Fellow in Panama C… More

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    (202) 885-3705

  18. Katherine Wilson, Associate Chair, Literature

    CAS - Literature

    Kate Wilson double-majored in music and English at Stanford University and holds an MA in Medieval S… More

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    (202) 885-3917

  19. Tonia Wind, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - World Languages and Cultures

    Dr. Wind joined the faculty of the Department of World Languages and Cultures in 2015 as the Portugu… More

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    (202) 885-6880

  20. Jon Wisman, Professor

    CAS - Economics

    Professor Wisman teaching interests are: History of Economic Thought, Methodology, History, Introduc… More

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    (202) 885-3158

  21. Ivan Witenstein, Artist in Residence

    Ivan Witenstein received an MFA from The Yale University School of Art Sculpture Department in 1999.… More

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  22. Li (Lily) Wong, Assistant Professor

    CAS - Literature

    Lily Wong received her PhD in Comparative Literature at University of California, Santa Barbara. Her… More

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    (202) 885-2987

  23. Isaiah Wooden, Assistant Professor

    CAS - Performing Arts

    Isaiah Matthew Wooden is a director-dramaturg and Assistant Professor of Performing Arts at American… More

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  24. Joshua Woodfork, Assistant Professor

    CAS - Anthropology

    (202) 885-6378

  25. Stef Woods, Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - Critical RGC Studies

    Stef Woods is a full-time instructor with the American Studies Program at American University. She s… More

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  26. Lacey Wootton, Hurst Sr Professorial Lecturer

    CAS - Literature

    Lacey Wootton completed her MA in Literature at AU in 1999 and has taught in the College Writing Pro… More

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    (202) 885-2982

  27. Elizabeth A. Worden, Associate Professor

    CAS - School of Education

    Dr. Elizabeth Anderson Worden joined American University as an assistant professor in the fall of 20… More

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    (202) 885-3723