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Kathryn Walters-Conte

Director, Professional Sciences Masters in Biotechnology
Department of Biology

  • Dr. Walters research is focused on the molecular evolution of mammalian transposable elements. Using molecular and computational biology approaches, Kathryn surveys, describes, and has developed models of proliferation for short interspersed elements (SINEs), specific to the cat family, Felidae, and rodent family, Murinae. Currently, her group is developing a DNA assay to identify domestic cat/wild cat hybrids. In addition, Dr. Walters is working in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania to assess variation in neuronal RNA expression using single-cell genomics.
  • Degrees

    PhD, Systematics and Evolution, The George Washington University
    MS, Forensic Molecular Biology, The George Washington University
    BS, Physiology and Neurobiology, The University of Maryland

  • CAS - Biology
  • Hurst

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  • Summer 2015

    • BIO-102 Natl Studnt Ldrshp Conf Topics: Biotechnology
    • Description
    • BIO-102 Natl Studnt Ldrshp Conf Topics: Biotechnology
    • Description

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