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Gemma Sune Minguella

Professorial Lecturer
World Languages and Cultures

  • This dissertation (published as a book by the Centro cultural de la Generacion del 27, Malaga, Spain) is a deep and meticulous reconstruction of the philosophy of one of the poets of the Spanish Generation of ’27 who has always been deemed to be “difficult”: Emilio Prados. The study of his so-called “Papers” (more than 11 microfilms archived in the U.S. Library of Congress) allows painstaking elucidation of the mystical-philosophical underpinnings of his poetry. Philosophy, literature, physics, anthropology, the history of religions, and other disciplines converge in this study, with the intent to illuminate his later poetry, written during his long exile in Mexico.
  • Degrees

    PhD Cum Laude, Hispanic Philology (Spanish Language & Literature) University of Barcelona, Spain
    MA Applied Linguistics in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language, University of Jaen, Spain
    BA Hispanic Philology (Spanish Language & Literature), University of Barcelona, Spain

  • CAS - World Languages and Cultures
  • McCabe - 226

  • (202) 885-6923 (Office)
  • (202) 885-6923 (Office)
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