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Greenberg Theatre

Greenberg Box Office


4200 Wisconsin Ave, Washington, DC

HOURS: Tue-Sat, 3:00-6:00, &
one hour prior to performances;
(closed Sun-Mon, except one hour
prior to performances, and
closed on university holidays)

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  • Spring Dance

    Spring Dance at
    Greenberg Theatre






  • Sylvia Greenberg

    Dreams into Reality

    Arts supporter Sylvia Greenberg on the stage.

  • Inherit the Wind

    Infamous Trial
    Brought to
    the Stage

    Theatre production of Inherit the Wind
    explored the 1925 Scopes “Monkey Trial."

  • Rocky Horror Show

    Rocky Horror

    See interview with director and designers, plus photo gallery.

  • Cabaret


Featured Events

March 26-28, 8:00 The Lower Depths
March 28, 2:00 The Lower Depths
April 10, 8:00 Spring Dance Concert: At Close Range

Greenberg Theatre

Every year, hundreds of students take part in AU’s dance, music, and theatre programs — see images above from our recent productions scrolling above. The Greenberg Theatre, which opened in March 2003 with generous donations from Harold and Sylvia Greenberg and other benefactors, gives the performing arts students, faculty, and audience a stunning 300-seat theatre with spacious dressing rooms and production areas. The Greenberg Theatre is home to musical, dance, and theatre performances each year for AU students, community events, touring shows.



Location: 4200 Wisconsin Ave.
Parking: on Van Ness St.

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