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Community Voices for Health


Health Studies
Gray, Room 119

Health Studies
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016

Community Voices for Health

Community Voices for Health is a school-based program that engages middle school children, teachers, staff and families in building a healthier school community through advocacy and education with experiential, empowering learning opportunities.

Program Components

CVH is comprised of 4 domains of influence in order to support a coordinated approach: local policy, students, families (community) and school teachers and staff. 

Kids Take Action

KTA is a youth empowerment program that uses a combination of group discussion and performance-based activities to teach students nutrition life skills and to advocate for change that improves their ability to make healthful lifestyle choices. Core learning standards are targeted to support teacher goals. The program end product is a film of each student group singing, acting, dancing, teaching, presenting and  about nutrition and food justice issues.

Teachers Take Action

TTA is a program that focuses on supporting the personal health of teachers and instructing them on how to integrate health into each of their classes.

Policy in Action

The American University, School of Education, Teaching and Health (SETH), in partnership with the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), is compiling data that will help understand the implementation and impact of the Healthy Schools Act on the school health environment data.

Published Articles, Presentations and Grants


Integrating Concepts about Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity into Middle School Curriculum: Lessons for Creatively meeting the Core Standards for Math, Science, Language Arts and Social Studies -Click to Download Curriculum PDF

Knowledge - Action-Change: Engaging Middle School Students to Demand a Healthier School Community - Click to Download Curriculum PDF

Click Below to Download the Power Point slides for Knowledge - Action - Change lessons.

Lesson 1: The Food Environment: Media, Policy and Advocacy

Lesson 2: Nutrition Basics: Nutrients, Calories, and Food Selection

Lesson 3: Food Preparation: Understanding Food Labeling, Food Service and Food Safety

Lesson 4: The Balancing Act: Physical Activity and Nutrition

Lesson 5: Understanding the Impact: Marketing and Advertising

Kelly Miller Middle School students participate in Kids Take Action, an advocacy component of Community Voices for Health.