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Health Promotion | Graduate FAQ

Below are answers to questions that prospective students frequently ask. If you would like more information, please contact the Health Promotion program Graduate Admissions Coordinator by Email or call 202-885-6254.

Q: What are the unique advantages of going to school in Washington, DC and getting a degree from American University?

A: Washington, DC is a very exciting and dynamic city. In addition to all of the governmental agencies, a great number of national and international associations maintain headquarters here. The master's program is well connected through its programs and graduates to a great many of the major public and private institutions and organizations. The networks we maintain and the close proximity to these institutions allow students to engage in an endless number of hands-on work and worksite experiences which can lead to career or employment opportunities. 

Q: What is unique about this program?

A: The Health Promotion Management program at American University was the first in the US to combine the concepts of health and wellness with the principles of business and management. Our curriculum provides broad-based preparation in health promotion with hands-on experience for management positions. The curriculum focuses on management and programming skills in addition to effective methods for creating and delivering health education information. Students learn to incorporate all levels of influence from the individual to policy-level in an effort to promote healthy behaviors and improve quality of life.

Q: What are some of the future trends for health promotion?

A: The general population, business leaders, and government agencies have become increasingly aware of the importance of health, its impact on the economy, and the quality of life of people in the US Since 1980, AU's Health Promotion Management program has been at the forefront of the education and training of leaders in health promotion. Recent curriculum changes, faculty research, and new program initiatives have been developed to respond to the emerging trends in the US and the world including the Affordable Care Act, a push for health promotion activities, community-based programs, and the increasing prevalence of chronic disease.

Q: What are the career opportunities in health promotion? What will my degree prepare me for?

A: Employment opportunities in the health field have been in the top growth areas for the number and types of jobs since the 1980s. Courses in the Health Promotion Management program are designed to prepare graduates for a wide range of management and leadership positions primarily in health promotion and wellness. 

Q: How can I offset the cost of the program?

A: Students who complete their application by February 1st and plan to start full-time in the fall are eligible for merit scholarship awards including graduate assistantships and/or tuition remission. Prospective students are also encouraged to research external scholarship opportunities. Many students choose to pursue part-time or full-time work on campus to help offset tuition. Still others obtain worksite experience while attending the program. Our program's weekly email listserv is a valuable resource for finding work and internship opportunities. The Office of Financial Aid or the graduate admissions coordinator can provide more specific information about the opportunities and benefits available. 

Q: How long does it take to complete the program? What is the course sequence? How many courses do the students take each semester?

A: Class schedules have been designed to allow students in the Master's program to progress through the program either on a full or part-time basis. Full-time students generally complete course requirements in two years. This includes three courses each semester and two summer session courses usually in combination with working at a corporate fitness site or other job related experience. Courses are offered in the evenings and in a sequence that allows for convenient scheduling. 

Q: What are special options that make this program more attractive? What kind of flexibility is there in the program?

A: The Health Promotion Management program offers students options that enable them to gain experiences to meet their personal needs and interests.

·         Students may pursue the degree at a pace that works with their current schedule or employment situation. Courses are typically offered in the evening hours.

·         Program tracks and coursework include the opportunity to tailor information to a desired area of focus

·         Students interested in research, publication, or continuing with advanced studies can choose to write a thesis in lieu of performing an internship

·         Internships can be performed locally, nationally or internationally, and are designed to ensure maximum exposure and opportunity for hands-on experience in the student's projected field of employment

Q: How does my background influence my acceptance and progress in the program? What materials do I need to submit? How can I best prepare myself?

A: The Health Promotion Management program recruits and admits students from a wide range of backgrounds, undergraduate degrees, occupations, and nationalities. We have learned that a strong belief in health promotion, desire, and enthusiasm are the best predictors for success in the program and in future careers. All students must meet the American University admissions requirements, submit official transcripts and GRE scores, and complete departmental admissions requirements, including two letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose.

Q: What is the application process? When will I hear about my application status? Where can I get help and information? Will I have an advisor?

A: Applications are completed via the Graduate Admissions online system. Once you have submitted the online application you will need to upload supplemental materials including your resume and statement of purpose. Official transcripts, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation will also need to be sent to the CAS graduate admissions office. Additional information can be found on the Graduate Admissions website.

Once a student's application is complete, it will be reviewed by the university and the Health Promotion Management graduate committee. If all requirements are met, selected candidates will be invited to an interview. Acceptance into the program is based on the results of the interview, GRE scores, and educational preparation. A decision is typically provided within 1-2 weeks of completing the application. The Graduate Admissions Coordinator is always available to assist the candidates and to answer questions about their status. 

Q: What special requirements and/or standards are there for international students?

A: All international students must meet the American University requirements and demonstrate proficiency in English through satisfactory completion of the TOEFL, Pearson Test of English or IELTS exams.  

Q: How hard is it to find housing?

A: There is a housing office on campus at 202-885-3370 and an off-campus service to assist students with finding affordable housing within the metropolitan area. There are also several free local services which specialize in apartment rentals. Please note that on-campus housing is not available for graduate students.


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