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Health Promotion | What Is Health Promotion?

Health promotion students

Health Promotion is the science and art of helping people, organizations, and communities change lifestyle behaviors to move toward a state of improved health resulting in decreases in chronic disease and health care costs. To accomplish this objective, students learn the science of health through the study of nutrition, biology, anatomy and physiology, and psychology combined with program planning for health promotion by learning how to assess, implement, and evaluate programs that effectively achieve the outcome of improved health.

Are you interested in:

  • Establishing and managing wellness programs for employees and their families?
  • Developing effective media campaigns for emerging health issues?
  • Helping clients achieve fitness and nutrition goals?
  • Researching health policy and establishing state and national programs?
  • Integrating health promotion and disease management activities into the healthcare system?
  • Instituting innovative community-outreach programs?
  • Advocating for health issues and promoting wellness in communities?

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Health Promotion
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MS Health Promotion Management

Virtual Training

Learn about the MS Health Promotion Management program at our upcoming webinars: March 6 and April 10.

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