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Health Promotion | Graduate Internships/Theses

Recent Internships

Association of State and Territory Officials - Healthy Aging Intern -

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Health Policy Analyst -

Center for Science in the Public Interest - Public Health Research Analyst -

DC Greens - Cooking Corps Intern -

DCPS - Nutrition Policy Specialist -

Food Minds -

Fort George G. Meade - Health Promotion & Wellness Intern -

Kaiser Permanente - Health Promotion Specialist -

Kid Power - Veggie Time Coordinator

National Council of Behavioral Health - Marketing Intern

Partnership for a Healthier American - Project Intern

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - Government Affairs Intern


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Professional Reference Guide for Students 

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Internship Documents

3 Credit Internship Requirements

Internship Final Evaluation

Internship Registration Form

Selected Recent Theses

  • "The Impact of Implementation in a Worksite Pedometer Challenge"
  • "Barriers to Repeat Participation in a Worksite Pedometer Program"
  • "The Impact of Front-of-Package Labeling in Low Socioeconomic Areas"
  • "Unhealthy Exposures: Health-Promoting and Health-Compromising Product Advertisements in Black, Hispanic, and White Women's Magazines"
  • "A Historical Perspective on Childhood Obesity"


Selected Published Works

School Health Policies: Food Consumption Patterns.
  • Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference, 2012


School Health Barriers and Gateways to Wellness: A Teacher's Perspective.

  • Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference, 2012


Physical Activity and Screen Time Behaviors Among Washington, DC Youth.

  • International Conference on Diet and Physical Activity Methods, 2009

Offerings and Purchases of Competitive Foods Pre- and Post a Nutrition Policy.

  • Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference, 2008

Nutrient-based Standards to Improve Competitive Foods.

  • American College of Nutrition, 2008