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Carmel Institute for Russian Culture and History

Carmel Institute for Russian Culture and History


Fall 2014


Russia, AUAB-319-001S Russia (ACIE) & -002S Tajikistan (ACTR)


Russian Studies: Dostoyevsky's Russia, HIST-445/-645
This course explores Fyodor Dostoyevsky's views on organized religion, faith, sexuality, political violence, freedom, and materialism through his works in their historical and cultural context.


Elementary Russian I, RUSS-144
Prepares students to function in everyday situations in the Russian-speaking world. Focuses on the acquisition of basic vocabulary and grammatical structures in culturally authentic contexts through speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension. Designed for students with no prior experience with Russian.

Russia and the United States, RUSS-200 FA3 
A comparative study of the two countries, Russia and the United States, through an interdisciplinary approach with emphasis on the major similarities and differences. The course draws primarily from international studies, cross-cultural communication, political science, history, literature, and the arts. Usually offered every fall. Taught in English.

Intermediate Russian I, RUSS-244
Refinement of basic language skills in a cultural context. Expansion of vocabulary and grammatical structures and development of communicative skills. Content focuses on cultural patterns in the Russian-speaking world.

Russian Conversation and Composition I, RUSS-342
Promotes the advanced active use of Russian in culturally authentic contexts. Emphasis on the development of fluency and accuracy in oral and written communication. Review of grammatical structures and vocabulary expansion through extensive reading. Problems of style and creative use of language.

Russian Media & Political Translation, RUSS-441/RUSS-641
May be repeated for credit. Reading and translating selected sociopolitical texts and current periodical publications. Vocabulary expansion through study of word formation. Study of idioms, terms, and syntactic patterns.

Russian Advanced Grammar & Composition I, RUSS-546 
A systematic grammar review course for those who have had at least three years of Russian. There is a written assignment for every class, either a translation or an essay. Weekly quizzes test knowledge of grammatical constructions, vocabulary, and idioms.


Russia/Central Eurasia Core Seminar, SIS-661
The course presents a new approach to the study of social change and power relations in Russia. It draws upon the work of Michel Foucault and current European scholars in order to re-examine the nature of civil society, political dissent, government, and markets in both a contemporary and historical context.

AU-St. Petersburg Univ, Russia, SIS-774
Topics vary by section, may be repeated for credit with different topic. Students take courses at St. Petersburg University, Russia. Usually offered every term. Prerequisite: permission of SIS Program Development Office.

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