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Initiative for Russian Culture




Battelle-Tompkins, Room 127

Anton Fedyashin
Executive Director,
Initiative for Russian Culture

2011-12 IRC Event Photo Galleries

Symposium: Overcoming Cold War Stereotypes

April 28, 2012
Former and current American and Russian ambassadors, diplomats, and regional specialists explored Cold War stereotypes and ways to overcome them. Participants from both Russian and the United States presented and answered DC Consortium students' questions.

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Reception: Lehrman Chair and Stites Library

IRC 120428 Reception 007

April 28, 2012
The IRC marked the end of its spectacularly successful first year by celebrating the establishment of the Susan E. Lehrman Chair of Russian History and Culture and the Richard Stites Library Bequest.

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SCREENING: Vanished Empire

April 27, 2012
Awash in rock and roll, Shakhnazarov's film depicts the clash between the bonds of friendship and the power of love amid the collapse of empires.

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Screening: Stilyagi

March 22, 2012
A Komsomol youth breaks up a swing party, only to fall in love with one of the girls. An audience favorite around the world, Todorovsky's 2008 film glorifies self-expression and tolerance.

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Screening: Jolly Fellows

January 26, 2012
Mistaken identity, unrequited love, and the trials and tribulations of creating a successful jazz band. Alexandrov's 1934 musical comedy had it all and made Lyubov Orlova a superstar in the Soviet Union.

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SCREENING: Destiny of a Man

December 1, 2011
A Soviet Army driver finds himself in a German prison camp. After a daring escape, he makes his way back home, where he discovers his home and his loved ones have perished. He then attempts to rebuild and find meaning in his life.

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Screening: My Name is Ivan

October 27, 2011
Tarkovsky’s My Name is Ivan tells the story of twelve-year-old Ivan Bondarev, who is determined to aid the Soviet Army after losing his family. Although the soldiers want to send Ivan away to school (and safety), they relent when Ivan makes it clear he is determined to stay.

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Screening: Ballad of a Soldier

October 20, 2011
Recipient of the prestigious Lenin Prize and the BAFTA Award for Best Film from Any Source, Ballad of a Soldier tells the story of nineteen-year-old Alyosha, on leave for a few days as reward for single-handedly destroying two German tanks in World War II.

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Screening: The Cranes are Flying

October 6, 2011
Winner of the Palme d’Or at the 1958 Cannes Film Festival and directed by Mikhail Kalatozov, The Cranes Are Flying depicts the turbulence and uncertainty that World War II inflicted on Soviet citizens. The film introduced the young actors Alexei Batalov and Tatiana Samoylova.

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IRC Inaugural Event at the Library of Congress

September 30, 2011
The Library of Congress event featured Russia’s top jazz pianist Igor Bril, Russian cinematic hit We Are Jazzmen, cocktails, dessert, and a 20,000 pound ice sculpture of a Russian Orthodox church.

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