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Initiative for Russian Culture




Battelle-Tompkins, Room 127

Anton Fedyashin
Executive Director,
Initiative for Russian Culture

2013-14 IRC Event Galleries

2014 IRC Symposium: Ending the Cold War: Culture, Dialogue, and Diplomacy

Symposium stage

April 12, 2014
Reagan's Chief of Protocol Selwa Roosevelt, President Reagan's consultant on the Soviet Union Suzanne Massie, Deputy Director of the Soviet Desk at the State Department John Evans, & General Secretary Gorbachev's and Shevardnaze's interpreter and advisor Pavel R. Palazhchenko shared their views of the Cold War's end.

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Film Screening: Mister West

Musicians and the crowd before the event

March 20, 2014
This 1924 Lev Kuleshov film was the first to explicitly challenge American stereotypes about Soviet Russia. Mr. West and his cowboy friend Jeddie find themselves embroiled with anti-revolutionary gangsters as they arrive in Moscow to spread the YMCA message.

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Film Screening: Unsent Letter

November 14, 2013
In Mikhail Kalatozov's classic, a guide and three geologists take a long and perilous journey through the beautiful Siberian wilderness in search of diamond deposits. A terrible forest fire traps them and triggers a struggle for survival to deliver their findings to Moscow.

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Film Screening: The Brest Fortress

October 17, 2013
A tale of love, war, survival and remembrance. With documentary accuracy, The Brest Fortress (2010) recounts the nine-day heroic defense against Wehrmacht forces on June 22, 1941. Sasha Akimov, a 15-year-old survivor, remembers his love for the beautiful Anya as Hitler's plan "Operation Barbarossa" plunges their world into chaos.

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An Evening of Jazz Diplomacy

October 8, 2013
The IRC, the Open World Leadership Center, and the Brubeck Institute were proud to bring Igor Butman, Russia's number one jazz personality, and the U.S.-Russia Rising Stars Jazz Band to the stage for An Evening of Jazz Diplomacy.

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2013 Symington Award Presentation

October 7, 2013
The IRC celebrated the second annual James W. Symington Award for the Study of Russian Language, Culture, and International Relations. This year's recipient, Rebecca Darnell, accepted at a dinner held by the ARCCF at the Russian Embassy.

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Film Screening: Strike

September 19, 2013
Depicting a worker strike in 1903, Sergei Eisenstein's first full-length film, Strike, utilizes cross-cut footage and cinematic metaphor as it champions the advantages of collective action over "bourgeois" individualism.

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Romanov Russia 2013

July 2013
IRC Executive Director Anton Fedyashin took undergraduate and graduate students to Russia to visit the most significant cultural sites of the Romanov dynasty on the quadrennial of its election to the Russian throne. Ten students from around the DC Consortium and elsewhere took part in the course.

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Summer Language Stipends 2013

Summer 2013
The IRC once again provided funding for students to travel to Russia in order to improve their language skills and immerse themselves in Russian society and culture.

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2012 Symington Award for the Study of Russian Language, Culture and International Relations

Summer 2013
The Symington Award honors the career of James Symington, former Congressman (D-MO) and active proponent of better U.S.-Russian relations. The 2012 award provided funds for Jaim Coddington to attend the Moscow State Institute of International Relations 2013 Summer program.

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