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History | Nuclear Education Project Syllabi

Atomic Bomb and Nuclear War Syllabi

Ian Abrams, Scott Gabriel Knowles, Joseph Martin, David Munns, Charles Morscheck, Director, and Tim Siftar, Drexel University, Great Works Symposium on The Atomic Bomb

Attreed and Powers , Holy Cross University, War And Cinema

David L. Adams, Babson College, Nuclear Technologies: Issues And Choices

Christopher L. Ball, Johns Hopkins University, National Security in the Nuclear Age

Mark V. Barrow, Jr., Virginia Tech University, America in the Nuclear Age

Albert I. Berger, University Of North Dakota, Peace Studies 370: Nuclear Weapons and the Modern Age

Jan Knippers Black, Monterey Institute of International Studies (Fall 2007), Rethinking Human Rights

Brett Bowden, Georgetown University (Fall 1996), Technology and Change in International Politics

Paul Boyer, College of William and Mary, The United States in the Atomic Age

Ira Chernus, University of Colorado at Boulder, Cold War Culture And Religion

Steve Cohen and Hosea Hirata, Tufts University, Cultural Legacies of the Atomic Bomb

Jane Cramer, University of Oregon, Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and Nonproliferation

Michael Aaron Dennis, Cornell University, Atomic Consequences

Alexis Dudden, Connecticut College, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Dave Feldman, College of the Atlantic, History of the Manhattan Project

Susanna Fessler, University at Albany: State University of New York (Fall 2007), World War II: The Japanese View

Norma Field, University of Chicago, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Beyond

Gerald Figal, Lewis and Clark College, The Atomic Bomb: Experience, History, Memory

Barbara Gold, Isserman, Ring, and Rabinowitz, Hamilton College, Hiroshima and After: The First 50 Years of the Atomic Bomb

Jack Holl, Kansas State University, History Of Science In The Modern Age

David Holloway, Stanford University, (Spring 2004), The Challenge of Nuclear Weapons

Jeff Hughes, The University, Manchester, The Nuclear Age: From Hiroshima to Nuclear Terrorism

Michael D. Intriligator, UCLA (Spring 2003), Nuclear Weapons: Critical Decisions

________ (Spring 2007), Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Public and Private Responses

Peter Kuznick, American University, Living With the Bomb: American Culture in the Nuclear Age

Andrew Kydd, University of Pennsylvania (Fall 2006), Arms and Arms Control

Leo Maley III and Uday Mohan, Hiroshima: History, Ethics and Memory

Phyllis Martin, Indiana University (Fall 2002), Peace and Non-Violence in the Twentieth Century

Susan Martin, King's College London (2007-8), The Proliferation of Weapons & Additional Resources

Charles J. Moxley Jr., Fordham University School of Law, (Fall 2007), Nuclear Weapons and International Law

Robert Musil, American University, Nuclear Weapons and American Democracy, 1945-present

Yuki Miyamoto, DePaul University (Winter 2007), Ethical Worlds: Moral Issues Across Cultures / The Atom Bomb Discourse

James Orr, Bucknell University (Autumn 2007), Hiroshima: Eros of Thanatos?

Peter J. Pella, Gettysburg College (Spring 2007), Science, Technology, & Nuclear Weapons

Joanna Ploeger, The University of Iowa, Studies in Argument: Nuclear Rhetorics

Alfred P Rubin, Tufts University (Fall 1996), International Legal Order-Law

Edward Segel, Reed College, The Cold War

Mark Selden, Binghamton University, The Atomic Bomb and the Nuclear Age

Frank Settle, Washington & Lee University, The Nuclear Age

________, The Role of Nuclear Power in the Global Energy Portfolio

________, The Science and Politics of WMD

Jillian Shanebrook, Union College (Fall 1997), The Nuclear Age

Charles Shapiro, Kurt Nutting, San Francisco State University, The Nuclear Revolution

Kerry Smith, Brown University, Atomic Histories: Trinity, Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Dot Sulock, University of North Carolina at Asheville, The Nuclear Dilemma

Jeremi Suri, University of Wisconsin (Fall 2007), America and the World since 1902

Daniel Traister, University of Pennsylvania, Nuclear Fictions

William R Van Cleave, Southwest Missouri State University (Spring 1997), Seminar on Nuclear Strategy and Arms Control

Frank von Hippel and Laura Kahn, Princeton University, Protection Against Weapons of Mass Destruction

Christopher Way, Cornell University (Fall 2006), The Atomic Age

Fred Wehling, Monterey Institute of International Studies (Fall 2007), Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Sharon Weiner, Princeton University, Weapons of Mass Destruction in World Politics

Raymond G Wilson, Illinois Wesleyan University, Problems of Nuclear Disarmament

Brian D. Wirth, University of California, Berkeley (Fall 2004), The Scientists of the Manhattan Project, their Contributions to President Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace Initiative and their Lasting Legacy to Nuclear Power in the 21st Century

Seiko Yoshinaga, Grinnell College, Japanese Literature of the A-Bomb