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History | 2008 News

Alan Kraut helps "Get the Nation's Story Straight" in the New York Times (10/11/2008)

Peter Kuznick hosted a panel discussion featuring Katharine Gun, whose new book, The Spy Who Tried to Stop A War, describes why and how she leaked a top secret e-mail about U.S. efforts to win support for the invasion of Iraq. Read details in American Today (10/2/2008)

AU History student Michelle Risinger reports from Iraq (Fall 2008)

Allan Lichtman's Keys to the Presidency featured in the Washington Post (8/25/2008)

Read Bob Griffith's article "History and the Liberal Arts," published in CAS Connections (Summer 2008)

Read about the inaugural Patrick Clendenen Conference in American Today (4/1/2008)

Vincent Intondi wins the Thomas M. Campbell Award from the Florida Conference of Historians American Today (4/1/2008)

Read about Eric Lohr's involvement in Hillary Clinton's Russian Advisory Committee in American Today (3/25/2008)

Read about Kate Haulman's perspective on the connections between fashion and cultural history in American Today (1/18/2008)