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History | PhD Program

PhD in History

Degree Requirements

  • 72 credit hours of approved graduate work 
  • Tools of research: One or two of the following, the number and type determinedby the student's advisor: relevant foreign languages, quantitative methods, history and new media, oral history, ora methodology approved by the graduate committee of the Department of History.
  • Comprehensive doctoral examinations in three fields: Comprehensive examinations are tailored to the individual student's field of study. One field must be a historical field outside the student’s main area of concentration, a comparative or multidisciplinary field, or a field in another discipline. 
  • Dissertation proposal and oral defense
  • Dissertation and oral defense (Dissertation work is not usually available in ancient, Asian, or Latin American history.) 

Course Requirements

Specific course requirements depend on whether students received their MA in History from American University. For more information, consult the Department of History.