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Program Activities

Public Humanities Round Table
January 17, 2010

"Making the Humanities Public"
A round table discussion with the following:

  • Susan Smulyan, Professor of American Civilization, Brown University
  • David Scobey, Director of Harward Center for Community Partnerships, Bates College
  • David Thelen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Indiana University
  • Sonia Feigenbaum, Deputy Director, Division of Public Programs, National Endowment for the Humanities-


Internationalizing Public History Round Table

March 15, 2010

How can the public history program build more international experiences into its curriculum? What is the benefit of studying public history transnationally? Three speakers helped us answer these questions:

  • David Thelen, distinguished professor emeritus, Indiana University
  • Andreas Etges, professor of American Studies, the Free University, Berlin, Germany
  • Constance Schultz, professor emeritus, University of South Carolina