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HIST 468/668: Audience Evaluations

Summer Session I: May 11-June 25, 2015

Instructor: Caren Oberg, Oberg, Inc.

Course Description:
Audience research is the study of the interactions between visitors and museums. This on-line course will provide students with an introduction to the history and theory supporting audience research; a study of current research and its adaptability to different types and sizes of museums; and practical experience using evaluation data to inform program/exhibition development and assessment. By the end of the course students will develop and conduct a simple museum evaluation project; gain ability to recognize why audience research and evaluation are important to the sustainability of museums; and experience an online class format that may be modified for use with museum audiences.

HIST 377/677: History and New Media

Summer Session I: May 11-June 25, 2015

Instructor: Trevor Owens, Library of Congress

B session hybrid face-to-face and online course. The course would meet in the allotted seminar time one day a week and for the other course time students will engage in asynchronous interaction over the web through posting and commenting on blogs and interaction over Twitter both with each other and with the broader digital history and digital humanities online communities.

Course Description:

This course will explore the current and potential impact of digital media on the theory and practice of history. We will focus on how digital tools and resources are enabling new methods for analysis in traditional print scholarship and the possibilities for new forms of scholarship. For the former, we will explore tools for text analysis and visualization as well as work on interpreting new media forms as primary sources. For the latter, we will explore a range of production of new media history resources, including both practical work on project management and design. As part of this process we will read a range of works on designing, interpreting and understanding digital media. Beyond course readings we will also critically engage a range of digital tools and resources.