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History | Undergraduate Internship Requirements


  • Prior to Internship

____ Meet with Dr. Kerr to discuss your internship search. Remember many internships have application deadlines months in advance of the start date. So start early! You should also consult the professional resource page.
____ Consult the University Academic Regulations for Internships.
____ Complete an Internship Proposal (To Dr. Kerr).
____ Have your intern supervisor fill out the Job Description Form (To Dr. Kerr).

Once approved, you must register for the internship. Fill out the following form:
___ Registration and Consent and Release Form (to Registrar).


  • During Internship
____ Meet with Dr. Kerr in the first week of classes or at the beginning of the summer to get a copy of the HIST 491 syllabus and set up a meeting schedule.

_____ Keep a work journal reflecting on experience (prompts will be provided by Dr. Kerr).
_____ Write final reflection critically evaluating internship experience.
_____ The AU Career Center will send an evaluation form directly to your internship supervisor. Remind your supervisor that the evaluation form must be returned to the Career Center in order for you to receive a final grade. Evaluations will be confidential unless your supervisor requests that it be shared with you. The evaluation is a large and important part of each intern's final grade.