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History | Dissertations in Progress

Dissertator: Ballentyne, Daniel

Dissertation title: "Republicanism Recast: The Fusion of Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian Thought in the Republican Party of the 1920s"

Advisor: Lichtman, Allan J.


Dissertator: Bell, Aaron

Dissertation title: "The Republican Party, ARENA, and Competing Visions of El Salvador's Future"

Advisor: Friedman, Max Paul


Dissertator: Cosson, Jayne

Dissertation title: “The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Carnegie Balkan Report and the Origins of Think Tank Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy”

Advisor: Lohr, Eric


Dissertator: D'Haeseleer, Brian

Dissertation title: "From the Jungles to the Mountains: The American Experience in El Salvador, 1979-92"

Advisor: Friedman, Max Paul


Dissertator: Englekirk, Ryan

Dissertation title: “The Dark Knights: The Major League Baseball Umpire – Guardians and Protectors of Traditional American Values”

Advisor: Kuznick, Peter


Dissertator: Ercole, Nicholas

Dissertation title: "Conceiving Arab Nationalism: Culture, Diplomacy, and the Genesis of US-Middle East Relations, 1919-39"

Advisor: Friedman, Max Paul


Dissertator: Grant, Jordan

Dissertation title: “Catchers and Kidnappers: Slave Hunting in Early America”

Advisor: Kuznick, Peter


Dissertator: Little, John

Dissertation title: "Disability in the Early Soviet Union: Policies and Portrayals"

Advisor: Lohr, Eric


Dissertator: Lohse, Alexandra

Dissertation title: "'In spite of all that': War and Popular Opinion in Nazi Germany, 1943-45" Advisor: Breitman, Richard


Dissertator: Loring, Lorna

Dissertation title: "Exploring Connections between the British Atlantic and the Pacific in the 18th Century"

Advisor: Shelford, April


Dissertator: Maguire, Lisa

Dissertation title: "Colonial Governance in the Mediterranean: French Bureaucratic Practices in the Protectorates and Mandate, 1919-39"

Advisor: Leff, Lisa Moses


Dissertator: Mikaelian, Allen J.

Dissertation title: "'There is Humanity': Globalization, Foreign Students, and the Cosmopolitan Clubs in Early 20th-Century America"

Advisor: Kraut, Alan


Dissertator: Miller, Loren E.

 Dissertation title: "Glamourous G.I. Girls: Constructing Servicewomen's Identities during World War II"

Advisor: Franz, Kathleen


Dissertator: Milojevic, Louie

Dissertation title: "Building Tito-Land: American Foreign Aid and the Yugoslav Fantasy, 1948-63"

Advisor: Friedman, Max Paul


Dissertator: Neuman, Johanna

Dissertation title: “Society in Suffrage: An Inquiry into Whether New York's Elite Socialites Made Voting Fashionable"

Advisor: Kraut, Alan


Dissertator: Nguyen, Nguyet

Dissertation title: “‘The World is on our Side’ - People's Diplomacy & the Vietnam War”

Advisor: Friedman, Max Paul


Dissertator: Perlman, Susan

Dissertation title: “Harry Truman, American Intelligence and Cold War France”

Advisor: Friedman, Max Paul


Dissertator: Pietrobon, Allen

Dissertation title: “Norman Cousins: Public Intellectural, Activist, Citizen Diplomat”

Advisor: Kuznick, Peter


Dissertator: Rafferty-Osaki, Terumi

Dissertation title: "Strictly Masculine: Reforming and Performing Manhood at Tule Lake, 1942-46"

Advisor: Friedman, Max Paul


Dissertator: Rothfeld, Anne

Dissertation title: “Unscrupulous Opportunists: Second-Rate German Art Dealers as Nazi Functionaries During World War Two”

Advisor: Breitman, Richard


Dissertator: Sheptyck, Elizabeth

Dissertation title: "Regulation Marriage and Migration: American Attitudes towards Correspondence Marriage among Eastern European Immigrants in New York City, 1900-16, and Japanese Immigrants in Los Angeles County, 1910-20"

Advisor: Kraut, Alan


Dissertator: Waltrop, David

Dissertation title: “Secret Skies: US Satellite Reconnaissance from Corona to KH-11”

Advisor: Kraut, Alan