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Phi Alpha Theta


Phi Alpha Theta is the National Honor Society for history. It was founded in 1921, and today has more than 850 chapters all around the country. Its thousands of members include undergraduates, graduate students, professors and former history students in all walks of life.



Undergraduate students must have completed at least 15 semester hours in history  with an average grade of 3.2. Graduate students in their first year at AU are  eligible on the assumption that their undergraduate record meets AU's undergraduate  requirements. Graduate students in their second year or beyond are eligible  if their graduate GPA is 3.5 or better.



Publication of The Historian, a quarterly journal of history, a Newsletter issued  three times yearly; establishment of nine annual scholarships covering student  members entering graduate school and those taking advanced graduate work; sponsorship  of an annual contest for papers on historical subjects by awarding six annual  prizes covering both undergraduate and graduate student levels; annual grants  of two awards of $500 each for the best book in history published by a member,  one award for the first such book published and the second award for a subsequent  book published by a member; six annual awards for the best chapter in each category  of college enrollment; an annual publication of the best manuscript in the field  of history submitted by a member during the current year; annual regional meetings;  two annual grants, each of $1,000, one grant for advanced work by a faculty  advisor and one grant for advanced work by a graduate student.



Initiation into Phi Alpha Theta is conferred for life and entitles the member  to participate in local, regional and national programs. The initiation fee  ($60.00) payable to Phi Alpha Theta, American University) also includes a year's  subscription to The Historian.



Fill out the attached Phi Alpha Theta Application and submit it, along with  a check for $60.00 to Department of History, American University, 4400 Massachusetts  Ave. NW 20016.



For more information about American Univesity's Epsilon Psi chapter of Phi Alpha  Theta, contact the Department of History, American University, 4400 Massachusetts  Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20016-8038. Tel: 202-885-2401 or by e-mail at history@american.edu.



For more information about Phi Alpha Theta, visit the web site of the National  Headquarters, or contact Dr. Graydon A. Tunstall,  Jr., Executive Director, Univ. of South Florida, SOC 107, 4202 E. Fowler Ave.,  Tampa, FL 33620. Tele: (800)394-8195. Fax: (813)974-8215. E-mail: phialpha@cambio.acomp.usf.edu.