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The Silver Range:
Poetry Reading Group

silve range working group

Organizer: Linda Voris

Members of this working group read contemporary experimental poetry and poetics in once- monthly meetings and discuss the changes in reading practices and critical approach such poetry requires. 


Spring 2016 

April: Peter Gizzi, The Outernationale
Have a look at this interesting typographical video of the poem “The Quest.”

March: Montana Ray, Guns and Butter

February: Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge, Four Year Old Girl
Read a critical essay on Berssenbrugge’s work: Linda Voris, “A Sensitive Empiricism: Berssenbrugge’s Phenomenological Investigations”

Fall 2015 

September: Anne Carson, Autobiography of Red 

October: Bhanu Kapil, Incubation, A Space for Monsters 

November: Claudia Rankine, Citizen: An American Lyric


The reading list for each meeting is decided by the group members.

Also on the list: Past and recent books by Lyn Hejinian, Rae Armantrout, Leslie Scalapino, Fanny Howe, Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Barbara Guest and John Ashbery. Also, contemporary poets such as Matthew Zapruder and Ben Lerner. OR, in place of discussing a book, we might read and discuss one, long and difficult poem (Ashbery’s “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror”) OR together do a close reading of a poem, OR study one issue of a poetry journal (LANA Turner Journal), OR read a sequence (Ted Berrigan’s The Sonnets), OR read around in poetics including essays by Nathaniel Mackey, Charles Bernstein, Jack Spicer or Lyn Hejinian.

What is The Silver Range? 

 Our group name comes from a line in Frank O'Hara's poem, "Digression on Number 1, 1948." The poem refers to a painting by Jackson Pollock, titled Number 1, 1948

Digression On Number 1, 1948 

I am ill today but I am not

too ill. I am not ill at all.

It is a perfect day, warm

for winter, cold for fall.


A fine day for seeing. I see

ceramics, during lunch hour, by

Miro, and I see the sea by Leger;

light, complicated Metzingers

and a rude awakening by Brauner,

a little table by Picasso, pink.


I am tired today but I am not

too tired. I am not tired at all.

There is the Pollock, white, harm

will not fall, his perfect hand


and the many short voyages. They’ll

never fence the silver range.

Stars are out and there is sea

enough beneath the glistening earth

to bear me toward the future

which is not so dark. I see. 


Interested in Joining?
Email Linda Voris

Group members: Jess Nesbitt, Mattea Falk, Leah Johnson, Grace Cassidy, Sean Meehan, Jake Nieb, Mikala Rempe, Elle Smiley, Molly McGinnis and Linda Voris.

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