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Reinventing Israel Conference 2015

Conference Video Playlist

Reinventing Israel Conference Overview

The 1967 Six-Day War, with its resulting control of significant new territory, compelled profound changes in Israel's self-definition. Demographically, Israel's society has become more religious. Politically, it has gradually moved to the right. The transformation of Israeli society has been ongoing ever since.

This Conference will examined the more recent aspects of the transformation of Israeli society in the 21st century, including the birth of the start-up nation and the growing economic inequality changes in Holocaust memory and Israel-diaspora relations. Scholars from the United States and Israel presented new insights in the fields of politics, law, economy, art, and literature. They turned our attention to the immigrants from unexpected destinations like Nigeria and Burma, who claim to derive from "the lost tribes," as well as to the growing Israeli diaspora in American and Europe, and to the changing self-definition of Israeli Arabs who regard themselves increasingly as Palestinians. A concluding panel addressed the question of how Israel will look twenty years from now. 

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