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Jewish Studies | Emeritus Faculty

Emerita & Emeritus Faculty

  1. Richard Breitman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus

    Richard Breitman received his B.A. from Yale University and his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He is author or co-author of ten books and many articles in German history, U.S. history, and the Holocaust. Apart from his latest book, FDR and the Jews, … More

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  2. Myra Sklarew, Professor Emerita

    Myra Sklarew was educated at Tufts University and the Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University. She studied bacterial viruses and genetics at Cold Spring Harbor Biological Laboratory with Salvador Luria and Max Delbruck and conducted research on … More

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  3. Russell Stone, Professor Emeritus

    Russell A. Stone has research and teaching interests that include development, public opinion, social change, Middle Eastern and Third World societies, and environmental sociology. He has published on social change in Israel and the Middle East, and … More

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  4. Howard Wachtel, Professor Emeritus