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Jewish Studies | Faculty Research Interests

Boaz Atzili

International security with an emphasis on territorial conflicts and the politics of borders, and the international aspects of state weakness and state failure; the Middle East and Lebanon and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Richard Breitman

German history, US history, and the Holocaust

Max Paul Friedman

U.S. foreign relations, national security, migration, civil liberties, and the politics of historical memory

Gershon Greenberg

Philosophy of religion, America and the Holy Land, religious and philosophical meaning of the Holocaust, religion, conflict, and peace

Gregg Ivers

Relationship between jazz, blues and racial equality in the American South during the civil rights movement

Alan Kraut

U.S. immigration and ethnic history; the history of medicine and public health in the United States


Lisa Leff

Jews in France, the rise of Jewish international aid in 19th century France, and the fate of Jewish archives during and after World War II in France


Eric Lohr

The Russian Empire and questions of citizenship and minorities


Gail Mardirosian

The arts and international education for global citizenry; arts education; the interface of theatre and psychology; the Voices of Terezin project

Pamela Nadell

Modern Jewish history, especially American Jewish history and Jewish women's history

Rita Simon

Transracial adoption, history of women's rights, abortion, rape, women and crime, civil rights and liberties in Israel, U.S. immigration, jury system, insanity defense, death penalty, impact of mass media on public opinion