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Jewish Studies | Opportunities

Lisitng of opportunities within our University and also within the Jewish Studies community.


Summer Literary Seminars,

Summer Literary Seminars (SLS) is an independent literary and cultural program, one of the world's largest and most dynamic, held each year in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Nairobi, Kenya, among other locales. (Here is the URL: are proud and delighted to be able to announce that our newest program, to be held in the capital city of Lithuania, Vilnius (Vilna) this summer (from 19 July to 2 August 2009), will be featuring a unique self-contained option: the Jewish Lithuania Program (for details please see:

Although including many facets of the rich Litvak heritage, there will naturally be emphasis on Yiddish language, literature, and folklore, and the literature, culture and history of the Eastern-European Jewish diaspora. In addition to the seminars and lectures offered by the program's director, Professor Dovid Katz, of the Vilnius Yiddish Institute, Vilnius University -- there will be a rich and variegated program of guest presentations, assembled and moderated by Prof. Katz (details at:

The program is conducted in English, but in the event of Yiddish speakers and writers enrolling, Prof. Katz will be adding workshops and seminars conducted entirely in Yiddish. In all, it will be a genuinely exciting, truly one-of-a-kind annual event. The program is open to all -- writers and non-writers alike.