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Literature | Creative Writing Minor


  • Literature
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Minor in Creative Writing

24 credit hours with grades of C or better and at least 12 credit hours unique to the minor

Course Requirements  

  • LIT-105 The Literary Imagination
  • LIT-215 Writers in Print/In Person
  • LIT-200 Introduction to Creative Writing  
  • 9 credit hours from the following:
  • LIT-400 Creative Writing: Fiction
  • LIT-401 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • LIT-403 Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction  
  • Any workshop in each genre can be taken up to two times  
  • 6 credit hours from the following: (A maximum of 3 credits at the 300-level may taken upon approval of creative writing minor advisor)
  • LIT-150 Third World Literature 3:1
  • LIT-210 Survey of American Literature I
  • LIT-211 Survey of American Literature II
  • LIT-220 Survey of British Literature I
  • LIT-221 Survey of British Literature II
  • LIT-225 The African Writer 1:2
  • LIT-235 African-American Literature 2:2
  • LIT-240 Asian American Literature 2:2
  • LIT-252 Survey of Literary Theory
  • LIT-308 Studies in Genre
  • LIT-309 Contemporary British Theater
  • LIT-310 Major Authors
  • LIT-315 Topics in American Romanticism
  • LIT-316 Nineteenth Century American Novel
  • LIT-318 Topics in American Realism
  • LIT-321 Topics in American Modernism
  • LIT-322 Topics in Contemporary American Literature
  • LIT-323 Ethnic Literatures of the United States
  • LIT-332 Shakespeare Studies
  • LIT-334 Topics in Renaissance Literature
  • LIT-337 Topics in Restoration and Enlightenment Literature
  • LIT-340 Topics in Nineteenth Century British and European Literature
  • LIT-341 Topics in Romantic Literature
  • LIT-343 Topics in British and European Modernism
  • LIT-360 Topics in Medieval Literature
  • LIT-367 Topics in World Literature
  • LIT-370 Topics in Women's and Gender Studies
  • LIT-422 Advanced Studies in Contemporary Literature (3)
  • LIT-434 Advanced Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Literature (3)
  • LIT-437 Advanced Studies in Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature (3)
  • LIT-440 Advanced Studies in Nineteenth Century British and European Literature (3)
  • LIT-443 Advanced Studies in Twentieth Century Literature (3)
  • LIT-467 Advanced Studies in World Literature (3)
  • LIT-481 Advanced Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature (3)