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In Capital Letters is the newsletter of the Creative Writing Program at American University. Produced each fall since 1992, the newsletter features interviews and excerpts with authors from the Literature Department's Visiting Writers Series, student spotlights, a submission calendar for creative writing magazines, and more.


Issue 18, Volume 3

November 2009

Alison Bechdel Bio

Interview: Richard McCann on Alison Bechdel

Interview: Marianne Noble

Student Spotlight: Kathryn Murphy Interview & Excerpt

Magazine Submission Calendar (PDF), October 30–November 17, 2009


Issue 18, Volume 2

October 2009

Interview: Paul Guest

Interview: Amelia Cohen-Levi 

Magazine Submission Calendar (PDF), October-November, 2009

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Issue 18, Volume 1

September 2009

Interviews and excerpts:

Kyle Dargan
Danielle Evans
Barbara Goldberg
Caleen Sinnette Jennings
Stephanie Grant
David Keplinger
Richard McCann
Rachel Snyder
Download all (PDF)

Student Spotlight: Jenny Molberg

Magazine Submission Calendar (PDF), September-October, 2009