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In Capital Letters has now been replaced by the Cafe Americain blog.

But please browse previous issues' interviews and excerpts from visiting writers and AU faculty and students.


Issue 19, Volume 7

May 2011

Interviews & writing wamples from graduating MFA students:

Richard Cytowic

Maia Gil'Adi

Anthony Wilson

Julia Wang

Shawn Frazier

Michael R. Purcell

Jay Melder 

Greta Schuler

Christoffer Molnar

Gina Evers

Mark Cugini


Greta Schuler
Greta Schuler

Mark Cugini
Mark Cugini

Issue 19, Volume 6

Late March 2011

Jericho Brown:
Jericho Brown joined the Visiting Writers Series, March 30

Sara Blaisdell:
Excerpt from “Let the Machine Do Its Work”




Issue 19, Volume 5

Early March 2011

Amy Bloom:

Jennifer Cooper:
Excerpt from a profile of Ashton Trescott


Jericho Brown
Jericho Brown

Amy Bloom
Amy Bloom; photo by Beth Kelly


Issue 19, Volume 4

January 2011

Featured authors from this year's Benefit Reading for Food & Friends:

Kyle Dargan:
Q & A
Excerpt from Atlantis

Stephanie Grant:
Q & A
Excerpt from Home Equity

David Keplinger:
Q & A
Excerpt from "Waking on the Pribor Train, Near Freud's Birthplace"

Rachel Louise Snyder:
Q & A
Excerpt from The Question of Ilios Lane

Andrew Holleran:
Q & A
Excerpt from The State with the Prettiest Name

Danielle Evans:
Q & A
Excerpt from The Empire Has No Clothes

Richard McCann:
Q & A

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Rachel Louise Snyder
Rachel Louise Snyder

Andrew Holleran
Andrew Holleran