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MA students: Morgan Stair, Steve Beaulieu, Kara Dimitriou, Claire Conklin, Liz Dawson, Helle Slutz

Tiffany Ates is a native North Texan, who attended Spelman College, where she received a BA in English and double minor in Spanish and Comparative Women’s Studies. Her interests include theories of trauma and memory, and the socioeconomic and communal issues prompting migration, "flight," and displacement.


Elizabeth Dawson attended the Pennsylvania State University where I received my BA in English in 2011. My two favorite areas of study in literature are, oddly, at quite opposite ends of the time scale: the Renaissance and the British Modern period. I took a year off after my receiving my degree so that I could focus on applying to graduate programs. I chose to attend American University because not only am I able to study under professors who are some of the top in their fields, but the sense of community fostered by those in the program is wonderful. I hope to take the interdisciplinary track in the MA in Literature program, and take classes in Public Policy and Policy Administration.


Brittany Fox grew up in Charlottesville, VA and received her degree in English/Creative Writing from Sweet Briar College in May 2012. She is especially interested in nineteenth century European American literature.


Veronica McDonald went to Fordham University and completed some graduate work at San Diego State University before joining the MA program. She is especially interested in psychoanalytic theory, and texts with elements of horror, madness, and gender issues.


Taylor Roosevelt is a third year MA student in literature (she's taking the program at a somewhat leisurely pace). She and her husband, both Presbyterian College alumni, moved to D.C. from South Carolina in 2010 so they could attend graduate school. Taylor's primary field of study is, in her own terms, oddly specific: namely, the intersection of Renaissance revenge tragedy and current pop culture. She enjoys any fiction that grapples with psychological duality and/or the use of disguises, which means that she tends to be a bit of a superhero nerd.


Nada Serhan grew up all over the Arab world. She finished her undergraduate studies in Lebanon and worked for seven years in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, and Qatar before arriving at AU for graduate studies. She is on an interdisciplinary track combining my two passions for literature and film. Her literary interests include romanticism and existentialism.

First year MA student Helle Slutz graduated from Kenyon College in 2009 with a degree in English and an emphasis on creative writing. She spent the next three years here in D.C., working first as a paralegal and then as a technical editor for a contracting company working with the United States Coast Guard regulatory division. For two years, she also volunteered teaching English as a second language at the Dupont-based nonprofit Language ETC. She is happy to be helping students improve their writing skills (and to improve her own!) through working as a Writing Consultant in AU's Writing Center. Helle is interested in post-colonial literature and is excited to be the T.A. for LIT-225, The African Writer, taught by Professor Green-Simms.


Megan Williams grew up in Northern Virginia and got her BA in English from VCU in Richmond. She taught ESL in South Korea and the Czech Republic and currently works in Customer Development at NPR. Megan loves literature from all periods and is particularly interested in how narrative form changes and adapts with time and history.