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Mathematics & Statistics

MA in Mathematics

The mathematics master’s degree program allows students to pursue a degree in pure and applied mathematics or a professional master’s degree that serves as either a pre-service or in-service training for teachers. The MA in mathematics is accessible to both full and part-time students and is particularly well-suited for career switchers.

American University provides an excellent combination of resources for advanced education in the mathematical sciences. Through small class sizes and attentive faculty, students receive personalized attention throughout the program.

Departmental ties to various governmental, cultural, scientific, and historical institutions serve as an important research resource. These agencies offer students exposure to varied practical, civic, and even cultural issues that require skills in the formation, analysis, and solution of quantitative problems in mathematical and statistical theory with direct participation in research and applications, often arising from practical experience with problems of national scope.

Research Funding

Fellowship in Topological Signal Processing offers grad students full tuition support and a competitive stipend.

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Mining Marden's Theorem

American University mathematician Dan Kalman explores Marden's Theorem.

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